Tax Changes for 2014

There are a myriad of Tax Changes that might affect you for 2014, some new things coming in and some old ones going out.

Courage to Ask about Long Term Care

Families need to begin amassing the courage to have open, engaging discussions about Long Term Care with their older loved ones.

Tax Planning

Estate Planning, Tax Bracket Management, Harvesting Gains, Roth IRA Conversions.

Portability of the Estate Tax

Personal Estate Tax Exemption

ObamaCare Taxes

New and Increasing taxes as a result of the ACA

Handling Inheritance

Integrating inherited financial assets in to an existing investment portfolio

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$30 Million Dollars in Estate Taxes

How would you like to get ahold of $30 Million Dollars? How would you like to have to lose or pay that amount?

5 Budget Items that might affect your IRA

5 Budget Items that might affect your IRA

Fiscal Cliff Boon

Think tax rates don’t influence behavior? Think again, many highly paid execs took full advantage of bonuses moved into 2012 for that very reason.