Why Choose Richardson Financial?

Ours is a People business.  Our greatest strength is our people and how we create deep and meaningful connections with individuals and families in our Private Client Group.  Only after that is secure, our other strengths can be applied.

Richardson Financial helps you thoroughly understand the risk/reward discussion, and the components of a well constructed Wealth Management approach which identifies and understands that there are factors such as Investment Expenses, Inflation, Taxes, Distributions that go into achieving the final outcome return. Only a comprehensive approach to your situation will ensure that all these critical areas are brought into the overall process.

A recent study by Ceruli Associates, a research firm specializing in financial services, found that 57 percent of Americans with at least $10 Million in investable assets have 5 or more financial advisors.

The use of multiple advisors is a way of containing the damage from any bad advice you might get from one advisor: You hope that better advice from your other advisors will offset the bad.

The approach, however, is not without its challenges. It will probably reduce risk, but it may also flatten performance.

There are other solutions to the challenge of maximizing portfolio performance. It starts with determining how much performance you need and how much risk you are willing to take to achieve it.