Have a Plan

Creating and reviewing a Plan, whether it is a disaster/evacuation plan or a Financial/Investment plan is always a good thing. Be prepared to adapt to new information or new circumstances when things change.

Financial News

You read it in the Wall Street Journal, or you heard it on Bloomberg or CNBC but what do you do about Financial News? Is the news relevant? Does it cause you to think about changing your strategy? Should you take action on this news?

Demonstrating Compliance

When you are in a position of managing money for others, you need to be prepared to demonstrate all manner of compliance, especially with the new Fiduciary Standard from the DOL.

Father Time

Time will catch up with each of us. As advisers, we must ‘Know Thy Client’ as well as know their families, their hopes, dreams and plans, especially the Estate Plan details.

HealthCare Costs in Retirement

In this show, we discuss the costs of HealthCare in Retirement, something that many people greatly underestimate. In many cases, these costs can be even greater than housing and recreation combined.

Fiduciary Standard

What is Best Interest and how does it apply to the new Fiduciary Standard Rules proposed by Congress? In this Podcast we learn more about the new rule and its effects on the ‘Advice’ industry.

Robo Advisers

There are many investment tools available out there for advisers and investors alike. Be sure you know what you are getting into.

The 6 Figure Skilled Laborer

The emergence of the 6 Figure Laborer and how advisers should be working with them.

Stock Buybacks

Are Stock Buybacks a good sign for a company’s future prospects? Does it mean they’ve run out of ideas for capital investment?

Getting High with Pot (stocks)?

With the increasing number of states now legalizing pot, can you capitalize on this from an investment perspective?