Brokers Cross Selling Products

Bank Brokerages are encouraging their ‘advisers’ to cross sell products. Is this good for you or for them? Listen in for more details.

The Fiduciary Standard

If you are a client of an advisory or brokerage firm, do you know what the Fiduciary Standard is? You should. Listen in.

Health Insurance Premiums Increasing

Health Insurance premiums are increasing as a result of ObamaCare.   Listen in to this discussion of the impact and ramifications of the PPACA.

Fiscal Cliff Tax Changes for 2013

Join me for a discussion of the implications of some of the Tax Law Changes in the last minute deal that was struck by our legislators in Washington.

Cliff Notes

Here’s a discussion of the issues and implications surrounding the Fiscal Cliff that will go into effect January 1st, if Congress fails to take action.

Memorable Memorials

Looking to establish a financial memorial in the name of a loved one? Listen in for some important matters to discuss in this process.

Do You Trust Your Adviser?

Do You Trust Your Adviser? Here are the results of a recent survey of professions and their trustworthiness.

Gifting – Now or Later?

Philanthropy. Many wealthy people face the daunting decisions as to whether to gift during their lifetime or after they are gone. Especially at this time of year.


In its September 2012 meeting Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke put forth this latest round of quantitative easing, known as QE3, but this one is different, for a variety of reasons.

Revved Up Market

What’s the latest in the world of Collectibles, like Art and Automobiles? Tiffany, Faberge, Ferrari, these are the names you hear. Did you sell your’s 20 years ago?